Monday, 30 November 2009

When Breathlessness Kicks in.... 6/30

This yoga session was challenging and infuriating at the same time.
I fell out of my adjustment in my half moon sideways pose, and could not correct it in time, which was quite annoying. My backward bend I loved, as I could feel myself pushing myself to go really far back. My forward bend was not so good. I can feel the stiffness in my upper back, so I can’t really straighten my legs as much as I want to. I will have to work on how to make my back less stiff in my next session.

Standing leg to knee pose was quite exhilarating, as I finally held the pose! Okay, so I only did it in the second pose, but it is such a great achievement! When I started, I could barely hold my foot up for 5 seconds! I’m really happy with this achievement.

I yawned during the Awkward pose, and did it without any fuss. I am really convinced that I yawn due to boredom and not for any other reason. I didn’t yawn for any other poses.

After that, my balance went off a bit. Standing bow pose was not good at all. I could only hold the pose for a few seconds, but I did push myself further. There was some progress in terms of the pose, but my balance was not good. Don’t know why. Balancing stick was no better. I made a point of locking out the knees and pointing the foot so hard that I could feel the cramp. But I didn’t feel that I was really pushing myself. I was more cross that I was losing my balance.

I had to stop during Standing Separate Leg Stretching pose. I was really enjoying the stretch....until I got cramp. I stayed in position until it was time, and then stood out the next pose. I was able to move into Triangle pose easily, but I was getting breathless from that pose on.

I had come to the class quite late, so all the prime estate had been taken. I was left with the Hades spot, the hottest spot in the room. Funny that, I usually like the mat next to Hades, as it I find my hips can reach the floor in Fixed Firm pose. It was just today that it seemed as if I needed to exert myself more. I didn’t really feel any hotter. I fell out of the second pose of Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee pose. I just couldn’t do it. I just ran out of puff. I was certainly not bored. I was blooming tired.

Then the pins and needles in my foot started. ARRRGGHHH..............

Tree pose was a bit difficult as my balance just went. Really frustrating.

So when breathlessness kicked in, so did laziness. I started to go into the poses about 10 seconds after everyone else. I knew that I could do it, but didn’t. With the exception of Camel pose, I went through the motions, and at one point even I was being cross with myself. I was getting really angry.
I think Sam noticed as well as she told me off for using a towel when doing wind removing poses. Well, actually, she didn’t specifically say it was me, but as I was the only one that was using a towel, so I guess that she was. She said not to use it as it can develop from a prop to a crutch. I agree, but it was rather slippery.

Why was I so bored and so apathetic in my poses?
It took a long time for me to deal with it. By the time I went into Head to Knee stretching pose, I stretched further than I ever did.

I felt the results of my efforts. I could feel my knees glowing from the standing head to knee pose. My lower back felt a bit tender from me pushing in my camel pose.

Well, there has been some progress. Tomorrow waits.

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